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All our lobsters are shelled and prepared with care by our chef.

Fish Dishes Poissons – Visgerechten

Grilled Scottisch salmon,


tarragon cream sauce

Royal roasted codfish,


white butter

Sole ‘Belle Meunière’ from the North Sea


with farm butter

Canadien lobsters,

€9.80/ 100gr

Gratinated Signature style (topped with a Mornay bisque sauce and gratinated in the oven)

Canadien lobsters,

€9.80/ 100gr

Belle Vue style

Canadien lobsters,

€9.80/ 100gr

Grilled with garlic butter

Salad of warm shelled lobster,

€9.80/ 100gr

vinaigrette and white truffle oil with garnishes

Our Platters Nos plateaux – Onze schotels

for 1 person

Oyster platter « L’égoïste »


4 creuses de Zélande, 4 plates de Zélande, 4 Fines de Claire creuses

for 2 persons

Oyster platter « Le Généreux »


8 creuses de Zélande, 8 plates de Zélande, 8 Fines de Claire creuses

for 2 persons

Platter « Prestige Signature »


2x ½ homard, 6 creuses de Zélande, 6 plates de Zélande, 6 Fines de Claire creuses

For the good progress of the service in the kitchen, it is preferable to reduce your order to 3 different starters and 3 different dishes from 8 persons