Discover Our History

In September 1996, L’Esprit de Sel was born. The concept of a place dedicated to traditional and elaborate catering confined in a comfortable and intimate setting whose decoration was intelligently thought out.

The sober and elegant façade opened its glass doors on a place whose atmosphere proved to be ideal for meals with friends, family or company. The decoration is discrete and punctuated with refined details in harmony with the warm color of the parquet floor, the walls and the heavy velvet drapes.

The customer becomes a spectator and discovers with astonishment a splendid Murano glass design chandelier with wall lights punctuating the walls, sometimes left in their raw state, sometimes coated with ochre. These discreet points of light make the happy arabesques of a letter from the Marquise de Sévigné running across the entire surface of a wall all the more striking, making the apology of the fine restoration of which L’Esprit de Sel proclaims itself to be a skillful representative. In short, all the ingredients were brought together, both on the plate and in the decor, to fully satisfy their guests.

L’Esprit Brasserie, next door to L’Esprit de Sel, was opened in July 1997. More traditional in appearance, the brasserie is arranged in a row of marble tables side by side. The spirit is above all a brasserie with a decorative memory of the beginning of the century. The atmosphere is noisy and friendly, the food is good and tasteful, the setting is friendly and meticulous in its details (tinted mirrors, copper ironwork, white blown glass chandelier).

The rapid and growing success of the two independent establishments prompted the association of the two restaurants two years later, in July 1999. L’Esprit de Sel and L’Esprit Brasserie became one: L’esprit de Sel Brasserie. An opening now creates an indispensable passage between the two restaurants, which still retain their own atmosphere and offer the customer an intelligent choice. The customer can choose the setting that suits him or her best, according to his or her mood, which offers the same wide range of food and drinks.

Today, in July 2021, we are adding an important chapter to this beautiful story. Welcome to the Brasserie Signature, a meeting place for passers-by, regulars, artists and other celebrities. Come and discover our restaurant, formerly known as “L’Esprit de Sel”, revisited and renamed Brasserie Signature. Since 1996, the brasserie has been welcoming you in an exceptional setting combining tradition and elegance on the Place Jourdan, a stone’s throw from the European Commission. We welcome you 7 days a week from 11am to midnight non-stop, whether for a business lunch on the terrace at noon or a family meal in the evening.

From the classic brasserie dishes that we like to find every time we visit, to a variety of beef cuts or our fish tank supplied in all seasons, all our products are of the highest quality and prepared by us. This guarantees you a memorable meal at Brasserie Signature, on the terrace or seated in one of our inside areas, warm and modern or typically Parisian brasserie in all its elegance. The choice is yours!!!

But that’s not all, Brasserie Signature is also…

A comfortable terrace sheltered from the noise and ideally exposed, offering coolness and calmness on sunny days, but also heated in winter.

We are more than delighted to organize your banquets, festive events or company seminars.

  • Parking close to the Place Jourdan
  • Air conditioning and free Wi-Fi
  • Wines and champagnes to discover
  • A service that is warm, friendly and professional
  • Quality Belgian-French cuisine to suit all budgets
  • Friendly atmosphere typical of Parisian brasseries, with its art deco setting